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It all started when…

Hey! Thanks for being interested in me enough to actually check out this page.

I'm originally from Newfoundland, though you'd never say it because I've lost most of the accent after being in "da main land" for over 15 years. People still tell me I say some things weird like "cars" or “kindergarten”.

I did a lot of school while I was trying to figure out my place in the world. This worked out well because I love learning about new things so I can better understand the different worlds that I work in. I've got a degree in visual arts, a diploma in graphic and web design, and certificates in web development, advanced film & television, and user experience design. Told ya. Listen, I was finding myself, alright?  

A few other things you should know about me:

I love music and play guitar, piano, and sing. I even played in a band for years and was on Much Music a couple of times...not electric circus either! (if you get that reference, you're showing your patina).  

I love to exercise and play sports, but I don't watch sports. So your Raptors and Leaf references are likely going to be lost on me, but I'm still interested in hearing what you have to say about it because I love to hear people being passionate about all the things. Maybe you can convince me, but my TV schedule is pretty full.  

I love TV shows and movies, and I've seen a lot of them. Chances are that I've seen your newest Netflix addiction. If I haven't, and you convince, me I'll add it to the queue. 

I have a smart wife who tells me when I'm wrong about things in a kind way. So you might be able to fool me, but when I get home I'll find out the truth because she's a researcher.

I have a dog named Ellie. She's a street dog from the Dominican and a total diva. You can get a sense of her sassy personality on her instagram page @elliethedoogan. Unless you love animals, I suggest you not bother asking me about her because I'm the guy who whips out his phone to show you a million pictures of his dog like this one:


Or this one... See! You got me started. 


I mean seriously...how cute is she? Okay, moving on.

Love tacos

Love Italian food and Italy

Love food, basically. 

I drink about a gallon of coffee a day. 

Despite my colourful branding, I pretty much only wear black and white stuff. I'll throw in a blue or green if I'm feeling extra festive, but I pretty much keep the brand Reigning Champ afloat by buying all of their black and white tees. 

That's about it, but if you're still curious about anything then please hit me up. 

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