Selected photography

Photography is a big part of my work as an art director and designer. Along with other traditional arts such as painting and drawing, I studied photography in university and it has been with me ever since. I've selected some series that showcase the different types of photography I practice, from artistic and street photography to commercial and lifestyle photography. 



Fam'ly is a series of portraits I took of my family members. I took them using the natural light in the sunroom of my mother's home back in Newfoundland, Canada. I wanted to edit them in such a way to highlight blemishes and lines. While they complained about looking old, I thought that the lines told a story of the lives they have lead and their eyes were vibrant and full of energy.



It's funny how we can walk past a building a million times and never notice the details of it, or how it can look totally different depending on the time of day. This series was about trying to make buildings and architecture look otherworldly and took over my Instagram for the better part of a year. The days that people asked me what they were looking at were always the best.


Commercial & Co.

This collection is a sample of my commercial photography. Included are photos I took for magazine ads, product packaging, and lookbooks.


Street Photos

Street photography is one of my favourite styles of shooting. You can either walk around waiting for a great shot to happen, which allows you to explore new places, or you can find a cool scene and wait for the right person to enter the frame. Below are some of my favourites of both of these things, taken in a variety of places in Barcelona, Italy, and Toronto.


Italy, Second Impressions

If you've ready my About page you'll know I'm in love with Italy. Below are some photos taken on my second trip to Italy this year. There's so much history, the sky is often epic, and every region you travel to has its own charm. It's truly a creative's paradise.

Thanks for taking a look through the galleries. If you like my work, I post regularly on Instagram @ryanfromtherock